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Our Services

Interim CTO Services

Provide temporary CTO roles for organizations that need strategic leadership, guidance, and expertise in technology during transitional periods or while searching for a permanent CTO.

Software Product Development

Help companies develop high-quality software products, from ideation to launch, leveraging my experience in various industries such as enterprise software, gaming solutions, and healthcare.

Technology Strategy and Roadmap

Assist organizations in defining their technology strategy and creating a roadmap for successful execution and growth, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Organizational Development

Support technology organizations in improving processes, enhancing collaboration, and developing a strong company culture, drawing on my experience in leading and growing teams.

Agile Coaching and Process Improvement

Provide guidance and training on agile methodologies, helping organizations improve their software development processes and increase the overall effectiveness of their teams.

IT Operations Optimization

Help businesses streamline their IT operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, leveraging your expertise in technology transformation and platform stability.


Michael Litton

At Litton Technology AB, we specialize in providing innovative software product development solutions, strategic leadership, and expert guidance in building high-performing technology teams and organizations. Our founder, Michael Litton, has a wealth of experience across various technology roles, including Director of Engineering at Snow Software AB, Associate Director of Game Technology at NetEnt AB, and CTO at ApoEx AB. Michael's expertise spans a wide range of industries, from enterprise software and gaming solutions to pharmaceutical distribution and healthcare.

With a proven track record of success in growing and managing high-performing teams, Michael is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their IT operations, drive innovation, and achieve their strategic goals. At Litton Technology AB, we provide tailored solutions, including interim CTO roles, to ensure your company receives the guidance and support it needs to excel in today's competitive technology landscape.

Michael Litton


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